CN Tower Edgewalk (Toronto)- what’s it REALLY like?

CN Tower edgewalk review- Toronto tower walk

Planning a trip to Toronto? Considering booking onto the CN Tower Edgewalk, but feeling a little unsure? Wondering if it really is as terrifying as it looks? Read on, my friend. Here’s everything you need to know about dangling over the edge of the third tallest tower in the world- from someone who actually did it!

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The CN Tower Edgewalk- our experience

While visiting Toronto for Canada Day 2019, we went up the CN Tower- the 3rd tallest tower in the world. Then we walked around OUTSIDE this Toronto tower and did the CN Tower Edge walk – dangling ourselves over the edge of a 356m (1168ft) drop! 

When we woke up that morning, we did NOT expect to be doing that. Heck, I turned up to the tower in a skirt and flip flops. But things took an unexpected turn, much to my delight and my husband’s misery. Further down this post, you’ll find a video of us walking around the OUTSIDE of the CN Tower and dangling over the edge, so you can see for yourself exactly what it’s like!

CN Tower Edgewalk Review
CN Tower Edgewalk

What is the Edgewalk at the CN Tower?

The CN Tower Edgewalk is an additional activity at the CN Tower, Toronto, Canada. It involves walking around OUTSIDE the famous Toronto Tower, on a 1.5m wide ledge at over 350m high, held on by a couple of ropes on a rail. 

How far above the ground does the EdgeWalk take place?

The CN Tower edge walk height (the ledge) is 356m/ 1168ft/ 116 stories high!!

Walking around Tower outside- what do you wear for the Edge walk?

  • You are provided with a jumpsuit (a flattering mix of red and yellow).
  • You also need proper shoes (lace up) which are provided if you don’t have your own.
  • NO jewellery of any type is allowed
  • Long hair must be tied back
  • Glasses or sunglasses may be worn, but must be secured to your head with a lanyard and you’re not allowed to move them once you’re out on the ledge.

Where do you buy CN Tower Edgewalk tickets?

You can buy the tickets for the Edge walk online at the CN Tower website, which is the best way to ensure you get a spot.

However, we turned up EARLY (8.30am) to visit the CN Tower on Canada Day. We went up and down the tower in about 20 minutes, so arrived at the Edgewalk desk at about 8.55am and managed to book two spaces for the next edge walk at 9.30! So it is totally possible to turn up, see how you feel and book tickets on the day- even in July. 

Hanging out on the CN Tower Edgewalk
Hanging out on the CN Tower Edgewalk. Yes, this is actually us.

What is the CN Tower Edge walk price?

Yeah, the cost of walking around outside a tiny ledge on the famous Toronto tower is expensive. REALLY expensive. However, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience and we’d rather something that dangerous had a lot of safety gear (which it does!) so we figured the money was well spent! 

In 2019, the price for the Edgewalk is listed on their website as from $195 CAN. We paid $225 (roughly £138 at time of booking!) Yep, it’s not cheap.

However, that price does include a trip up the CN Tower to the lookout level, the glass floor level and also up to Skypod, which costs $53 on its own- so I guess the price of the Edgewalk was $172

You can also give the gift of a knee-trembling hour of terror to your nearest and dearest with a gift certificate… no backing out then! 

CN Tower edge walk age limit

There is an age limit of 13 for the CN Tower Edgewalk. Visitors between 13-17 must be accompanied by an adult.

CN Tower Edgewalk weight limit

You must weigh more than 75lbs (34kg) and 310lbs (140kg) to be able to do the edgewalk

Drink and drugs test at the Edge walk

Before you even get put into a jumpsuit, you are tested for alcohol, with a breathalyser. There is a no-tolerance policy, so if you’re found with alcohol in your system, you will not be able to go. The staff also spend a LOT of time talking to you, asking questions and generally assessing your mental state for both terror and drugs. So do NOT turn up under the influence of anything other than a healthy dose of blind panic.

Are there lockers at the CN Tower Edgewalk?

Yes- and they are free to use. The key is attached to the back of your jumpsuit with a caribiner

How many people edgewalk at once?

I believe the maximum number of people who can do the edgewalk at one time is 6, plus your guide. As you are finishing, the next group is going out onto the Edgewalk ledge- it’s a very well timed operation.

How long does it take to do the Edgewalk?

You are out on the ledge for about 30 minutes, although it feels like longer. It runs to about 1.5 hours including safety briefing, final checks and returning inside

How do you get up to the ledge?

There is a special Edgewalk lift which takes you up to the ledge platform. No, you can’t go up if you’re not going outside.

Wait time for CN Tower edge walk

That depends entirely on how busy they are. We waited about 30 minutes for our walk to start, then about 30 minutes getting ready, then about an hour or so on the ledge. The whole thing took about 90-120 minutes.

Doing the actual Edgewalk- what happens?

So, here’s a step-by-step guide to our experience:

  • Go up the CN Tower on a normal ticket
  • Be awestruck at the views
  • Decide to do something crazy, like dangle from a ledge 356m above the ground.
  • Buy tickets for the CN Tower Edgewalk
  • Wait for our allotted time in the waiting area
  • Greet the staff member who calls the time (not your name)
  • Go through to the dressing area, where you are alcohol tested, told to remove ALL jewellery and loose items, including gum
  • Get fitted for a jumpsuit and shoes if necessary. I was wearing a short skirt (because this was an unplanned crazy idea) so I used the changing room to take my skirt off. Make sure you can lift your arms over your head while wearing the suit.
  • Get put into a harness. The harness will be TIGHT. You want it tight. This thing will keep you alive. Do NOT fiddle with the harness after it’s fitted (although the staff check it several times)
  • All the time you are being kitted out, the staff are giving safety tips. There is another safety discussion after everyone is sorted and sitting down. Somewhere at this point the nerves REALLY kick in.
  • Get escorted out of the waiting area to the dedicated lift, whilst the staff shout ‘Edgewalkers coming through’ and everyone nearby claps. Smile, wave and own it- you’re about to do something terrifying!
  • Go up in the lift (takes about a minute!) and into the final staging area. There will be another staff member here who will check your gear and harness, then attach you to ropes which are attached to a rail. This rail runs around the outside edge of the CN Tower and is what connects you to safety. That rail and ropes are your friends.
  • Watch in stunned silence as your guide goes out onto the ledge, then invites you out to join them
  • Wonder what the hell you were thinking as you step outside and look out over Toronto. 
  • Look down and… nope… brain blanked.
The CN Tower Edgewalk- I have no idea WHAT I was thinking!!
The CN Tower Edgewalk- I have no idea WHAT I was thinking!!

What happens outside during the Edge walk?

Your guide is highly trained and well used to getting people to do crazy stuff. They will demonstrate everything first and then slowly talk you through it.

Your first mission is to put your toes over the edge of the ledge… which is WAY harder than it looks. The rope pulls you backwards a little bit (towards safety and sanity!) and it takes a real effort to shuffle forwards until your toes are wiggle over a VERY long drop. Gulp.

The next pose was the easiest for me, as it’s the same as abseiling. We walked about a quarter of the way around the tower, and set up. You put your back to the view, stick your bottom out and walk backwards until your feet are resting on the edge. Straighten your legs and your back and it’s pretty comfortable.

TOP TIP: You can move the back rope (there are two) to one side of your head or the other. This makes it easier to put your head back. I didn’t realise this at first and it wasn’t very comfortable on my neck.

After you’ve gone out backwards, it’s time to go forwards. Yep, this one is fairly terrifying! You have to push your safety rope out in front of you and LEAN forwards to meet it, ending so your torso is hanging over the ledge. Madness.

There’s time for some individual photos and some group photos… and then you’re done. It doesn’t sound much, and it’s only 30 minutes, but it feels like you’re out there for ages.

How far can you see from the CN Tower edgewalk ledge?

We were incredibly lucky with the weather (which is why we decided to book!) It was warm, sunny and we could see the skyscrapers in Niagara Falls!! (If you’re heading to Niagara, you should book this!)

We had one of the clearest days, so it was around 100 miles visibility, which is just incredible!! 

CN Tower Edge walk video

Your guide will provide you with a video of your walk. They have a helmet cam which they turn on and off at appropriate moments. You are able to purchase this video (and additional photos) once your walk has finished.

Click below to watch the video of US walking around the outside of the CN Tower – doing the Toronto Tower walk!

Can you take your own go-pro or camera on the CN Tower Edgewalk?

No. You are not allowed ANYTHING up on the ledge. No chewing gum, no cameras, nothing. Even if it’s strapped securely to your body. So leave your Go Pro and your favourite Go Pro accessories at home (or in the locker.) 


So, Is the CN Tower edgewalk worth it?

Heck yes. It was by far the best thing we did in Canada. The views were amazing, the guide was great and now every time we see a photo of the CN Tower we know we dangled ourselves off that. It’s definitely worth it un my opinion.

Some more frequently asked questions about the CN Tower Edgewalk:

CN Tower Edge walk Death 

You sick cookie. I would never Google something like this (I totally did!) Thankfully, (touch wood!) NO-ONE HAS DIED DOING THE CN TOWER EDGEWALK. Ever. Including us. Phew. 

CN Tower edge walk promo code

Be very VERY careful buying tickets from any website which isn’t the CN Tower main site.  There are many scams around.

Can you bungee jump off the CN Tower?

No- there’s no bungee jumping anywhere in Toronto apparently. 

Is the Toronto tower walk the same as the CN Tower edgewalk?

Yep. Just different ways of saying the same thing! 🙂 

So that’s it- our review of the CN Tower Edgewalk. What do you think? Would you do it next time you’re in Toronto? Let us know below.

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