19 insanely useful apps for editing photos & videos while traveling (Free & Paid options)

Best free and paid apps for editing photos and videos while traveling

Looking for the best apps to edit your travel photos or make videos and vlogs on the road? Want to know the best free photography apps, or the ones which are worth paying a little more for to improve your shots? Which ones are easiest to use while traveling to create beautiful memories of your trips?

We asked other travel photographers their favourite apps to use on the road- and here are their answers!

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Best Apps for Photo Editing for professional results

Whether you’re a complete beginner (here are some travel photography tips for beginners), or you’ve been around the block (ha- excuse the rubbish pun), there are still plenty of things to learn and improve when it comes to editing travel photos.

To start, let’s look at some of the best and most popular photo editing apps for travelers. Most of these apps are available on both iOS and Android and they come with a huge range of uses and features. Because these are the ‘creme de la creme’, most of them need to be purchased or subscribed to for a monthly or annual fee.

If you’re looking for FREE or very cheap photo editing apps, keep scrolling to the next section.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Recommended by Erki from Genem Photography

Name of App: Photoshop Express Photo Editor

Available platforms: iOS and Android

Cost of app: Paid (free 30-day trial)

Adobe is one of the most well-known companies when it comes to photo editing. There are a great variety of different programs under Adobe and it’s perfect for more advanced photographers or travelers who want to take their photos to the next level.

Adobe offers different packages, depending on what you need. If you plan to do a lot of photo editing, you can get a Photography Package, which is around 11.99€ per month. The package includes three programs: Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom (mobile based, works on all platforms), and Lightroom Classic (desktop only). Adobe offers a 30-day free trial to see if it’s a good fit for you.

Photoshop has many features to tune up your travel photos. You can start small, with simple editing like adjusting exposure, color grading, and vignetting. But you can also make bigger changes to your captured photo, such as changing overexposed sky or brightening just one area.

You can also remove unwanted people or items- which is especially useful for travelers visiting popular locations like the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy or the Taj Mahal in India. The expectation is to get a perfect picture of the landmark with no distractions, but the reality is that these places are often overcrowded. The magic happens in Photoshop, where you can eliminate unwanted subjects and have a perfect photo for Instagram.

Adobe Photoshop is a very advanced photo editing software and takes some time to get to know all the bits and pieces. However, there are several learning videos by Adobe to learn the basics throughout the program.

Lightroom- one of the best photography editing apps

Recommended by Vicki from VickiViaja

Name of App: Lightroom

Available platforms: iOS and Android

Cost of app: Paid (free trial)

Why this photo editing app might be best for you: Lightroom is considered one of the best and most professional image editing software on the market. It’s important to realise that there are TWO versions- a computer/ laptop software and then a phone app. If you don’t want to pay for the expensive Computer program from Adobe, you can simply download the free Lightroom app.

The app has a large number of editing functions, similar to what you would find in the computer program. It also has the capability to create and use presets. A preset is basically a set of pre-defined editing filters that you can use to enhance your pictures with just one click. There are numerous tutorials and blog posts on the internet explain how to create your own presets to edit your images in a flash, or you can purchase and use other peoples.

Reasons Vicki loves this app to edit her travel photos: “Some of the pictures I take in my hometown Barcelona can look a bit boring (since the Gothic quarter consists mostly of stone). I created my own preset in Lightroom that precisely fit the tones and colors of my Barcelona pictures. Now I can edit my images quickly and easily without having to start from scratch every time.”

Using the photo editing app Lightroom to enhance travel photos.
Using the photo editing app Lightroom to enhance travel photos. Credit: VickiViaja

A Color Story

Recommended by Jade from Traveling Transylvania

Name of App: A Color Story

Available platforms: iOS and Android

Cost of app: Paid (even free version needs packs to purchase)

A Color Story is a great photo editing app with a wide variety of filters and lens effects. With the ‘free’ version, you can choose individual filter packs to purchase (ranging from 2-6$ USD).  If you upgrade to the paid version (ACS+- costs around $32.99/ yr), you automatically get all new filter and effect packs.  Depending on how much you use the filters, it may or may not make sense for you to get the paid subscription.

You can apply multiple filters to a photo at different levels of intensity, and save your editing process, which makes it easy to apply the same edits to a large number of photos which is pretty cool.  You can do this with the free or the paid subscription.

Why Jade chose to pay for ACS+: “The main reason I opted for the main subscription was for the Color+ feature.  Do you ever adjust the saturation on your photos only to find that one color group is taking over?  The reds become too red or peoples’ skin becomes too orange?  Enter Color+.  With Color+, you can adjust the hue, saturation, and luminance of each color family.  This is a game changer and makes editing photos so much easier!”

Lens Distortions

Recommended by Isabella from Issy’s Escapades

Name of App: Lens Distortions

What is it best for? Making your photos look ‘wow’!

Available platforms: iOS and Android

Price of app: free for certain limited features, upgrade to all features for $23.99 per year.

As your photography advances and you become more involved in the nuances of post-production and the impact this can have on a shot, you may find that some other photo apps are lacking in that extra something that makes you look at a photo and say “wow”. 

Lens Distortions is an extremely useful tool for the more experienced photographer to have in their arsenal. It allows you to introduce cinematic tones and effects like light leaks, fog, rain etc to create some extra drama and create atmosphere in a shot. It works on a ‘layer’ basis, allowing you to add features gradually and to layer on top of each. You can easily combine a range of layers and add and remove as you see fit. 

The app allows you to use a certain amount of features for free on a limited basis, across a range of the various colour, light and weather layers, but you need to upgrade and pay in order to access all features. Once you start using the app, you’ll discover that this is highly worth it as you’ll always find something that you need to make your image that extra bit special. 

As someone based in Ireland that takes lots of landscape images and shots taken in nature, I find the app invaluable for its post production features. I particularly love using it for woodland scenes to introduce light leaks through trees, or also for rugged mountain shots, where I like to introduce effects like fog to make the scene moody and dramatic. 

Isabelle’s top tips for using this app: Remember that less is more and bear in mind that the app was created to allow photographers to create subtle effects into their imagery! Also, use the eraser tool so that your effect is applied to certain parts of the image – like around a subject, but not including the subject, as an example. 

Use the Lens Distortions photo editing app to make your photos unforgettable.
Use the Lens Distortions photo editing app to make your photos unforgettable. (CREDIT: Issy’s Escapades)

VSCO Photo editing app

Recommended by Victoria from GuideYourTravel.com

Name of App: VSCO

What is it best for? Touching up photos

Available platforms: iOS and Android

Cost of app: Free and Paid- Free trial for 7 days

VSCO is a popular photo editing app that is perfect for editing images for Instagram or other purposes. If you like editing photos on your phone VSCO is definitely a must-have app. It is loved for its filters that are highly adjustable and work more like presets. They have a modern look and will transform your travel photos completely.

The free version gets you a fantastic selection of filters although there are more available if you get a pro membership. This costs from $19.99 per year which is fairly reasonable and definitely worth it if you want to get the most out of the VSCO app. If you’re not quite sure yet whether this is a good option for you why not try the 7-day free trial? You can cancel any time so no risk involved.

VSCO also has some social media functionalities as users can share their photos on a feed. This is a great way to collect all your photos in one place and look at other people’s content while you are on the app. The app also automatically saves any photos you edit so you can easily access them when needed.

Enlight Pixaloop

Recommended by Mikhaela from YouthSoloArtsy.com

Name of App: Enlight Pixaloop

What is it best for? Touching up and animating photos

Available platforms: iOS and Android

Cost of app: Paid- Free trial for 7 days

  • 1 month: from 5.99/mo;
  • 12 months: from 17.99/mo
  • One-Time Purchase: from 54.99

Why this photo editing app might be best for you: Enlight Pixaloop is great for touching up and animating photos. Aside from that, it is easy to use, even for beginners who want to try out advanced photo editing and improve their photography. You can also use this for creating video clips, gifs, and social media posts on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and many more. Super easy and convenient to use for creative individuals out there.

In the Pro version, there are a lot of extra functions to try out, and you can remove the watermark which is present in the free version.


Here are some ideas to get the most from this photo editing app.

  • TO ANIMATE: Click the animate button, click patch, click the area you want to animate, or add motion in your photo.
  • If the whole photo is moving, you could click the freeze button to select a specific object, person, or area you want to remove the animation.
  • Choose the camera fx to add more actionable and live-motion acts in the photo.
  • Choose filters, overlay effects, and add other graphics to make your photo more interesting.

FREE (or very cheap) photography editing apps

If you’re just starting out with travel photography, investing in one of the ‘big boys’ can be expensive- and possibly unnecessary. Until you know what sort of photos you enjoy taking, it’s hard to know exactly what you’ll need.

Instead, we recommend using some of these free photo editing apps to help you get started.

Snapseed- one of the best FREE photo editing apps

Recommended by Utkarsh from journeysfromheart.com

Name of App: Snapseed

Available platforms: iOS and Android

Cost of app: Free

Snapseed is a free photo editing tool available both on android and iOS. It was initially developed for Apple’s iPad in 2011 and has gained huge popularity since then.

It has a range of inbuilt presets, a whole lot of filters, color tools and much more. There is a very easy to use interface and a quick learning curve, especially for beginners.
It is a free tool and gives access to many of the advanced features like selective adjustments of photos for free, which are usually is paid in similar tools.

Reasons Utkarsh recommends this photo editing app: “I really like using it for my Instagram pages and love the quick-to-use editing features. Travelers can quickly tweak, edit and upload images on the go. It can handle both jpeg and RAW file formats.

There are some special features like Healing,text shadow effects, perspective which make this app an all time favourite for me. I use healing a lot as it helps removes stains, undesirable marks and lets you ‘clean’ the picture.”

Snapseed is a perfect fit for all travel photographers who are looking for a free solution and want to quickly edit and share their photos.

Touch ReTouch- the best photo editing app to remove unwanted items from your images

Recommended by Haley of Haley Blackall Travel  

Name of App: Touch Retouch

Available platforms: iOS and Android

Cost of app: Paid – $1.99

TouchRetouch from Adva Soft is one of the best apps on the market for eliminating unwanted objects from your photos. At an economical $1.99USD purchase price, the app can be downloaded on Apple and Android products alike.

The TouchRetouch app features object removal, line removal, and a cloning function, all of which can easily be used to edit your travel photos. There are no complicated features here, as most objects and lines can be removed in two simple steps. This app is what most travel bloggers or influencers use for creating crystal clear images that showcase stunning architecture or landscapes. 

The object removal function itself includes a brush, lasso, and eraser function, giving you options for how you edit. TouchRetouch has stepped up its game over the last year to include an innovative line removal feature. It allows you to flick over a section of a line, and the app’s smart technology will remove the rest for you without you having to fiddle or spend too much time. If all you want to do is eliminate a blemish or two, there is an option for that, as well. 

The cloning stamp is more advanced and can allow you to simply remove objects, or you can spice up your editing game and use it to duplicate or mirror parts of your image to create an interesting effect.

TouchRetouch has a higher precision when it comes to eliminating unwanted objects from your photo. It can be tricky to try to establish boundaries in apps like Lightroom, and TouchRetouch is a more innovative application with a single purpose to create clear, precise edits to your valuable travel photos. 

Lensa- is this the best FREE selfie editing app?

Recommended by Parimita from Mumbai Gloss

Name of the app: Lensa: Photo Editor for Perfect Pictures 

What is it used for: You can use this app to edit selfies, close-ups, portraits, full lengths, etc. Anything where the face is clearly visible in your photos. This is a wonderful app for photo retouching and creating vibrant, studio level, natural looking images for faces and individuals. You can upload images from your phone folders or open the app in the camera mode.

Available platforms: iOS and Android

Play Store Review score: 4.7

Cost of app: You can download the app for free and get 5 photo credits to try it out. You can edit 5 photos for free every week. After that you need to pay (although there is an option to share a link with family and friends to get more credits.)

The paid version includes unlimited photo edits using it’s advanced one touch features like changing photo backgrounds, one touch magic correction, foreground, and background adjustments, etc. Lensa provides Premium Subscriptions on Apple store which are currently $7.99/month and $29.99/year. The plans auto renew till cancelled.

You can upgrade to the paid version if you like but if you are not a heavy photo editor, the free version should be sufficient for creating impeccable selfies for your social media accounts or blogs for a week. Moreover, you can use almost all the features of the app in the free version including one touch background change, one touch magic correction, foreground and background adjustments, various filters, etc.

Why Parimita loves this app for photo editing:

This app enhances your best features without any unnatural looking filters. You can deepen the colour of your eyebrows, remove eyebags and under eye circles, smoothen the skin on your neck, make your lips look plump and even change the colour of your hair without making it look artificial. It is remarkably simple to use, with a very interactive user interface.

TOP TIP to use it better: Combine with other photo editing apps like PicsArt (see below) to change eye colour, to make your selfies pop.


Recommended by Jackie from JouJouTravels.com

Name of App: PicsArt

Available platforms: iOS and Android

Cost of app: Free and paid versions($4.99/mo)

PicsArt is a free mobile editing app available on iOS & Android. The app is very simple to use bringing the fun back into editing as even beginners can use it with more ease than Photoshop. There’s a large variety of filters, stickers, and artistic text that you can apply to your image and make a boring picture stand out with more creative flair.

If you want to upgrade to the paid version, you will pay £4.99/mo and get access to more features including more fonts, templates, stickers, and premium photo & video editing tools. This app is much loved because the creative opportunities are endless and it’s so simple to use. There are many templates within the apps to get you started if you’re new to it.

If you want to combine an image with another you can easily do that and erase part of the second image to blend the two images nicely. This is perfect if you like how the subject looks in one photo but the background is more suitable in another. You can also easily remove the background and change the color or pattern with one of the many filters you can choose.

Jackie’s tip: “Another fun option is adding glitter or texture to parts of the photo or even a rainbow to brighten up a sky like this one in Alberobello, Italy!”

Use photo editing apps to add, combine or brighten up skies! (Credit: JouJouTravels)

Facetune 2

Recommended by Mal from rawmalroams.com

Name of App: Facetune 2

Available platforms: iOS and Android

Cost of app: Free and paid

Why this might be the best photo editing app for you: Face Tune 2 is an excellent app to easily remove imperfections, fine-tune your photos, and add some extra fun elements. 

The app costs £33 for the full version for a year, but there is also a free version with more limited features. The main reason why you would want to upgrade is that the full version saves photos in full quality, which may be important to you if you’re going to share your travel photos on social media and want to preserve the full resolution. 

Facetune 2 is particularly good to improve selfies and portrait photos. It works super well with removing skin imperfections and blemishes. You can smooth the subject’s skin with one touch, and this function is also included in the free version. Other functions include coloring, which can be handy if, for example, your lips came out unnaturally pale. You can also resize or reshape the body. Reshaping can be a controversial topic, but if you want some slight adjustment, such as posture, this app is a true hero.

Finally, the app has also some fun features such as defocusing the background, which works particularly well with portrait photos, adding elements to your background or clothes and some cool light effects, which you can use before saving or sending to your portable photo printer.

Lightleap (formerly Quickshot)

Recommended by Corina from Packed Again

Name of App: Lightleap (used to be known as Quickshot)

What is it used for?: Editing photos quickly while traveling, quickly and efficiently.

Available platforms: iOS and Android

Cost of app: Free and Paid

Lightleap is an image editing program/app for use on the go when it needs to be done quickly and you don’t have time to use Lightroom or Photoshop. As simple as 10 seconds and you can have a photo edited.

The app can be used for free but you can upgrade. The paid version has many cool effects if you need this for your photo editing. Another great feature of the Lightleap App is the “repair. Quickly remove unwanted people, background stains and simply retouch your picture within minutes and it is ready to upload.

What Corina loves about this photo editing app: ” My favorite feature and the one I use the most are “The Sky under control”. Although moody grey skies can be great, but sometimes I just need a bit of blue and clouds to bring the photo back to live and Lightleap App can do that. You can choose from several different skies from the sunny blue sky all the way to the stargazing night sky. Add it to the photo and most of the times it looks perfect.”

TOP TIP for using this app to edit photos: If you know you will need the App to replace a sky for example, make sure there are NO trees within the skies so that it works better.

Photos app on iPhone, iPad and Mac

Recommended by Jyoti from Story at Every Corner 

Name of App: Photos

What is it used for?: Photo editing, organizing, searching, and sharing.

Available platforms: iOS only

Cost of app: Free- comes on your phone

Sometimes the simplest solution is the best. If you have an iPhone, iPad or Mac, you’ll already have the Photos app installed on your device. The app ties in with your Apple ID and can sync images across your Apple devices using iCloud. If you need more storage, you can purchase a subscription for extra iCloud storage. With the additional iCloud storage, you can store all your apps in the cloud and access it from all your devices. You can also share it in Shared Albums on iCloud. 

I love the Photos app because it’s extremely easy to use. It’s on all my devices. The app provides quick and easy photo editing seamlessly. The photos are automatically stored on iCloud and available on all devices for uploads on social media and blogs. You can also use air drop to share them with others.

TOP TIP to use the app better: The app is so simple that you really can not go wrong when editing photos. However, very few users know about all the advanced features you can use to take your photos to the next level. Luckily Apple stores and third providers have classes to master photography and editing with native and free apps on our iPhones, iPads or Macs. Apple classes and YouTube videos for taking your photos to the next level are free of charge. 

Reasons Jyoti loves the Photos App when traveling: “Typically we carry our large Nikon SLR camera for photography and use Photoshop for photo editing on my Mac. But as the iPhone camera is getting better and better, there are times we leave the photography equipment at home in favor of traveling light. This works extremely well when we’re shooting in good lighting. The quality is remarkable and we can get more candid shots because phone is a lot less intimidating for the subject. All our Barcelona photos such those in the Park Güell photo gallery were taken on our iPhone and edited using the Photos app on the iPhone.

Other awesome photography apps to try

Photo Pills- be in the right place at the right time!

Recommended by Ilse from Digital Travel Couple

Name of App: Photo Pills

Available platforms: iOS and Android

Cost of app: Paid- around $13.50

The Photo Pills app is less of an editing app and more of a planner- but it’s still a great tool to plan your travel photography adventures. With this app you will always be in the right place at the right time. You can buy it in the app store for $13,50 and it’s absolutely worth the investment. Once you start using the app you will see all the options it has.

The different tools, known as pills, all serve a different purpose. Some of the pills help you to research and plan your photos in advance. Others help you to execute your photos when you’re on location and there are even pills that help you to choose the best lens for the shot you want to create!

You can use the planner to find a good date and time if you already know where you want to shoot. At the top panel you can select various elements on the map. These include the position of the sun, moon, milky way and shadows. Thanks to the Augmented Reality you can see the path of the sun and moon, as well as the directions of the sunrise and sunset and the moonrise and moonset.

Reasons why Ilse loves using the Photo Pills app: “Personally I am a huge fan of the PhotoPills app as it helped me many times to get the right framing and timing for a shoot. A few months ago I went on a spontaneous Full Moonrise mission to capture the Big Moon above a mountain peak with a person in the moonlight. It was a huge success thanks to PhotoPills that showed exactly the place where the moon would rise behind the mountains. Below you can see the result:

Use Photo editing apps to get incredible travel photos like this! (Photo Credit: Digital Travel Couple)

Best apps for Video Editing while traveling

There are lots of programs which will edit video footage, but not many apps worth a mention. Here are some of the best available.


Name of App: iMovie

Available platforms: iOS only

App Store Rating: 4*/5

Cost of app: Free and Paid

iMovie makes video editing easier. Seriously, I’ve run a Youtube channel for our motorhome blog for years. I’ve tried Final Cut Pro and countless others- and I always come back to iMovie. It’s simple to use, even if you’re a complete beginner, and it’s easy to import your videos, select the clips you want and export or share your finished masterpiece. Unless you’re planning on doing professional video editing, or you’re overly concerned about color grading, personally I see little reason to use anything else.

Final Cut Pro

Recommended by Pubali from Paradise Catchers

Name of App: Final Cut Pro

Available platforms: iOS only

Rating on the App store: 4.2/5 (see it here)

Cost of app: Paid

Final Cut Pro is Apple’s native video editing software for Mac and great for both enthusiasts and professionals. You get a 90 days free trial for this paid software with a price tag of 299 USD. However, the good news is that it is a one time purchase that includes any future update.

Being part of Apple’s arsenal, the hardware-software combo makes FCP fast, particularly noticeable while rendering large 4K videos. We realized the difference after we struggled combining travel clips from our phone, camera, Xiaomi Fimi X8 SE drone and GoPro, in some other editing software. It was a beach holiday where we had several clips ranging from drone shots of the coastline to snorkeling shots. We decided to try FCP and it worked seamlessly.

Final Cut Pro has bit of a learning curve if you are used to other editing software. However, it has a great user community and you can easily access tons of tutorials that can get you up to speed in no time. The project managing interface is easy to use and the features are comparable to other professional level software.

If you are regularly shooting in 4K, looking for a video editing option in the Mac world and ready to move beyond free software, give FCP a try for 90 days and buy if you like it, without worrying about recurring payments or future updates.


Recommended by Rachita from MeanderWander.com

Name of App: Inshot

Available platforms: iOS and Android

Cost of app: Free and Paid

Why this video editing app might be right for you: Perfect for editing short-form video content such as reels, stories, etc. With the free version, you get access to a lot of features such as video editing, adding filters and effects to the videos, adding music, stickers, etc. to video, and a lot more.

The paid version currently costs $14.99 per year. With this subscription, users get access to more features and editing options to make the videos even better than before. Most importantly, you can get rid of the watermark and the advertisements.

Why Rachita loves this app for editing videos: “Personally, what I love about this app is that it is extremely easy to use and is great for making reels and short videos on the go. Whether I am on a flight or a boat, I can utilize my time by making videos to share across my Instagram or blogs. Plus, it is so easy to use and saves a lot of time with all the options that are already available for editing the videos.

One of my favourite things about Inshot is that it allows you to export the video in your desired resolution so that you can maintain the quality of the video. Installing this app on my mobile phone has made video editing so much easier and quicker for me.”


Recommended by Ruma from The Holiday Story

Name of App: Inshot

Available platforms: iPhone only and Android

Rating on App Store: 4.6/5

Cost of app: Free and Paid

What does the app do? Filmora is one of the best applications to create and edit travel videos on the go.

It allows you to merge multiple videos, trim clips, add royalty free music, do a voiceover, add text, effects, transitions and stickers and share your finished creation with the world.

You can use it to create travel videos, reels, vlogs, GIFs, stories and even TikToks.

Features: The Filmora app has many features like adding external music, simple roll, transition, Fisheye Roll, Zoom, Orb, Motion. It also has a few free pieces of music for editing. You can get only three filters free, and with the pro version, you can get 12 filters. Also, You can make a video with your photos. This app’s unique feature is you can merge more than two videos. Those are also available in the basic version.

With the pro version, you can get access to 5500+ stickers and Templates, 1080P HD video export option, and the most important thing in this pro version is you can remove the watermark of this app. The pro version also has 1000+ stock music tracks and 150+ effects for photo and video editing. The 150+ effects are unique and attractive. 

Tips:–   Filmora video editing app is very easy to use. It has tutorials for first-time users and you do not need to be an expert to create great travel videos and vlogs with it. If you create a lot of videos, you’ll get use out of the pro plan- each month you get new stickers and effects to use to make the videos unique.


Recommended by Jiayi from the Diary of a Nomad

Name of App: Splice

Available platforms: iPhone only and Android

Rating on App Store: 4.6/5

Cost of app: Free and Paid

What does the app do? Video editing- free and easy

Splice is a popular go-to app for editing travel videos. It is free, easy to use, and allows you to do a wide variety of actions to create the most engaging videos. 

On Splice, you can easily trim videos, stitch them together, and choose a transition effect. You can also add a lot of other things such as a title, music, special effects, and text/captions in a variety of fonts, colors, and styles. The special effects range from Chroma to Vintage, and they’re perfect for those who enjoy playing with creative aesthetics.

The best thing about Splice is that it’s super user-friendly. It’s laid out in a way that makes everything very intuitive, so even if you’ve never used the app before, you’ll quickly learn how to trim, crop, and stitch your videos together to create a beautiful, cohesive final video. 

TOP TIP to use this video editing app: To make the most of Splice, be sure to explore the many sound effects it offers, including cars, claps, footsteps, and instruments. You can really get creative with them!

Why Jiayi chose Splice: One of my favorite videos created on Splice was a compilation of short videos I’ve taken on many hikes around the world. After stitching them together with a cross-fade transition, I added some inspirational hiking quotes to each video using the text overlay feature of the app. I then added some music in the app, and it turned out to be a great ode to some of my most cherished hiking adventures.

Best apps for Go Pro users

Got a Go Pro? Here are some of the best apps for you to use and edit your photos and videos. If you’re new to action cameras, you might enjoy these easy Go Pro tips for beginners.

Quik App by Go Pro

Recommended by Martin from TravelExplorator.com

Name of App: Quik App from Go Pro

Available platforms: iOS and Android

Cost of app: Free to download, but needs 49.99 yearly Go Pro subscription or 9.99 just for the app.

Why this might be the right app for you: If you use a GoPro to take photos or videos on your travels, this app is a must use. The user interface is straightforward and isn’t cluttered with confusing options.

Even if you’re a complete Go Pro beginner and it’s your first time using apps to edit a video or image, this app is a great choice. Photos and videos are automatically uploaded from your Go Pro, so you don’t have to worry about uploading large files to an app. It’s called “Quik” because it was designed for the user to be upload and edit footage quickly and easily.

It’s perfect for editing pictures and videos taken with your action camera, but you can also use it to edit other footage no matter what camera or drone you took them with. 

The extra features you get with the premium versions are:

  • access to their royalty-free tracks you can add to your videos.
  • access to all unlocked video editing features like Quik-exclusive filters and video themes.
  • unlimited cloud backup of the original photos and videos you import to the app.

Looking for the best apps to edit your travel photos or make videos and vlogs on the road? Want to know the best free photography apps, or the ones which are worth paying a little more for to improve your shots? Which ones are easiest to use while traveling to create beautiful memories of your trips? #travelphotography #travelphotographytips #travelphotos #traveltips #photographytips

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