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One of my favourite things about travel is finding new experiences. Things I never dreamed I might do- like dangling OVER THE EDGE of the second tallest tower in Toronto. Ziplining next to Niagara Falls. Sleeping under the stars in the Jordanian desert. Gazing up at the Milky Way in Norway. Or driving a car through the Mexican jungle in search of some lost Mayan ruins (we found them… but not before we almost run out of fuel!)

And my favourite way to remember these experiences are through photographs. There’s nothing quite like looking back through past adventures, remembering things you’ve done, places you’ve been and people you met along the way.

On a deeply personal note, photographs are extremely important to my family. Dementia has struck almost every generation and as a child, I saw my lovely Nanna slip into its horrible clutches. One of the few things which helped her connect to us was looking through photographs- she’d light up and start talking about things she’d done and places she’d traveled to. Without photographs there to help, I don’t think we’d have had those precious extra moments with her when she seemed almost like herself again.

Shoot Experience was created to help share this hobby of photography with as many travelers and adventure lovers as possible. It doesn’t matter if you’re a complete beginner looking to improve your next holiday snaps, an action taker trying to find the right gear for your next crazy idea or someone who enjoys hiking into the wilderness for the perfect photo shoot at dawn, there’s something here for you.

The beauty of photography is there is ALWAYS something to learn. Some new technique, or new equipment or even a new location to figure out. And it can be as expensive or as portable as you make it. There’s a huge range of action cameras which are perfect for almost every situation, as well as more expensive gear for when you want to take your photography to a new level.

As Shoot Experience came together, we realized how many different photography tips and tricks we had to share with beginners. Simple things which can help you capture each experience in the best way possible, wherever you might be. We also remember how daunting it was trying to choose the best action camera for beginners, or figure out what gear we needed to buy, or what the best lenses were or… the list goes on (and on!)

We understand that everyone is different and has different requirements for their travel photography. We try to give unbiased reviews and only make recommendations when we find products that we love and find really useful. Our goal is to make you confident in your photography skills and gear so you can really enjoy shooting and experiencing your next adventure!

Happy travels!

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